5 popular japanese candies to try 

There are a lot of different candies that japan has to offer which makes it exciting in my opinion here is my own list of 5 popular candies that i think are popular in Japan.

  • Kracie Japan happy cooking
  • Poky
  • Kiwi fruit candy 
  • Hi chew
  • Kit kat (that’s right from Japan)

Kracie Japan happy cooking- is a diy candy making product of different foods that can be made in gummy candy its creative, cute, and fun.

Poky- Are fun filled cookie sticks that are covered with chocolate or in other different flavors i tried a poky pack before and i liked them.

Kiwi fruit gummy candy- this candy  is made out of kiwi and its a gummy candy.

Hi chew- are chewable fruit candy that is soft to chew and enjoy take a bite of it and experience the fruit taste its a must try candy.

Kit kat- these chocolate kit kat bars from Japan are really tasty and great for chocolate lovers.

So those are my opinions about these five Japanese candies i hope you enjoyed my post about candy i wanted to share this list because i feel that its always good to try new candy from another country and maybe this post will inspire other to do just that.

How did I get interested in tasting Japanese candy?

I got interested in tasting Japanese candy last year after I ate some Japanese food at a restaurant which was good by the way I ended up liking it and because I would see YouTube videos on different people eating Japanese candy so I decided to try it out to see if I might like the candy from Japan and I did like it. My favorite are the DIY candy gummy makers I hope to learn more about the candy from Japan and to continue on to my journey of tasting it.

My thought:  “Japanese candy is fun”

Kracie popin cooking happy kitchen DIY candy making for kids

What is Kracie popin cooking Happy kitchen? Its a candy making kit from Japan that kids and adults can enjoy doing and eating. Kracie popin cooking has a selection of DIY candy such as DIY hamburger making, DIY ice-cream, DIY pizza, DIY cakes, DIY bento, DIY donuts, and DIY sushi. The box for these DIY candies are super colorful and fun what I like is that it has instructions on how to make the gummy candy along with pictures that way you can see how its done. The taste of these gummy candies are sweet and good and it tastes just like the food which is really awesome and cute. 

I really recommend this DIY candy to anyone who is a candy lover and likes DIY activities or for someone who wants to try something new.

What is Japan Crate? and my thoughts about it…

Japan crate is a subscription candy box that a person who is a member can receive each month. The company was located in San Francisco but now the company decided to move to Japan which I think is very exciting since that will mean that Japan Crate will be able to add and update each month the boxes with more variety of candy that is exclusively from Japan.

There is always something new each month to look forward to with Japan Crate from the candy which I find it exciting because I can be able to taste different sorts of candy that is available in Japan something that I find differently from the American candy and the Japanese candy is that there are DIY candy making kits which I find creative and fun to make and Japan Crate also offers these type of DIY candy making kits. From what I have seen there is a DIY gummy candy making kit, Kracie fun kitchen candy making, and others.

Japan Crate also offers these unique interesting magazines about the culture, foods, holidays that are celebrated in Japan as well as some history of Japan and these are some reasons as to why I like the magazine from Japan Crate. Japan Crate not only offers the delicious taste of candy to it’s members but it also offers some facts about the world of Japan that anyone can learn about.

The BBQ Cheetos chips

Eating cheetos made out of bbq  from Japan was a really exciting experience for me I have only eaten the original cheese cheetos and the spicy cheetos from the USA so the bbq  cheetos was new to me.  The taste was really good the cheetos do really have this real bbq flavor. I was kind of surprised when I first saw the bag of cheetos because it said bbq on the bag I was like ” I never knew that the cheetos chips could be made in bbq flavor”.

Japanese patatoe candy review(my thoughts

After tasting the sweet patatoe Japanese candy I must say that I liked it the taste of the candy was awesome because it really did have the sweet patatoe taste I kind of felt that i was eating the sweet patatoe by itself but it was in the form of a candy which made the candy more fabulous. This Japanese candy is super jelly which I liked since it was easier to chew. I never knew that sweet patatoes can also be used to make candy.