What is Japan Crate? and my thoughts about it…

Japan crate is a subscription candy box that a person who is a member can receive each month. The company was located in San Francisco but now the company decided to move to Japan which I think is very exciting since that will mean that Japan Crate will be able to add and update each month the boxes with more variety of candy that is exclusively from Japan.

There is always something new each month to look forward to with Japan Crate from the candy which I find it exciting because I can be able to taste different sorts of candy that is available in Japan something that I find differently from the American candy and the Japanese candy is that there are DIY candy making kits which I find creative and fun to make and Japan Crate also offers these type of DIY candy making kits. From what I have seen there is a DIY gummy candy making kit, Kracie fun kitchen candy making, and others.

Japan Crate also offers these unique interesting magazines about the culture, foods, holidays that are celebrated in Japan as well as some history of Japan and these are some reasons as to why I like the magazine from Japan Crate. Japan Crate not only offers the delicious taste of candy to it’s members but it also offers some facts about the world of Japan that anyone can learn about.

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