5 popular japanese candies to try 

There are a lot of different candies that japan has to offer which makes it exciting in my opinion here is my own list of 5 popular candies that i think are popular in Japan.

  • Kracie Japan happy cooking
  • Poky
  • Kiwi fruit candy 
  • Hi chew
  • Kit kat (that’s right from Japan)

Kracie Japan happy cooking- is a diy candy making product of different foods that can be made in gummy candy its creative, cute, and fun.

Poky- Are fun filled cookie sticks that are covered with chocolate or in other different flavors i tried a poky pack before and i liked them.

Kiwi fruit gummy candy- this candy  is made out of kiwi and its a gummy candy.

Hi chew- are chewable fruit candy that is soft to chew and enjoy take a bite of it and experience the fruit taste its a must try candy.

Kit kat- these chocolate kit kat bars from Japan are really tasty and great for chocolate lovers.

So those are my opinions about these five Japanese candies i hope you enjoyed my post about candy i wanted to share this list because i feel that its always good to try new candy from another country and maybe this post will inspire other to do just that.

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